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  About Us

Diva 4 Wealth is an organization composed of certified life coaches and financial professionals who are dedicated to helping individuals live their best life.  We are here to help you whether you are looking for a breakthrough in your personal, business, or financial life.  
Because we do not believe in one size fits all approaches, every client receives a customized approach to their specific needs.
We also host group sessions for women that focus on Education, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Success.

Our Founder

Sheena Robinson is the Founder and CEO of Diva 4 Wealth.  She is a certified life coach, certified financial educator, empowerment speaker, entrepreneur, financial professional, and author.
She is also the Founder of Financial Parent Academy, a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to helping parents, children, college students, and growing adults with financial education.
She is very passionate about helping others reach their greatest potential.  She has been a financial professional since 2008. Throughout the years, she has been able to help many people increase their net worth.   

Sheena Robinson

CEO & Founder
"We are dedicated to helping our community achieve inner wealth by investing in their future"
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